Multan-Ameer Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) Hafiz Muhammad Saeed pointed out on Tuesday that some elements, which were on payroll of India, hatched conspiracies against Pakistan and promoted chaos by spreading provincial biases and lingualism.

Addressing the office bearers of JuD from across the South Punjab region, he added that western NGOs were also active to achieve their vicious goals under the guise of welfare activities. He noted that the way of anti-Pakistan elements could be blocked by stepping up public welfare activities. “If the Muslims lag behind in welfare work, it will pave way for the western NGOs to step in,” he warned. He declared that the JuD and Falah-i-Insaniyat Foundation (FIF) were establishing a social welfare network at gross root level.

He pointed out that the sectarianism and secularism badly harmed unity of the Muslims. He maintained that the menaces like ISIS took birth due to misguidedness of Muslims. He warned that the anti-Islam groups would continue to distort the face of Islam if the workers of JuD failed to guide the Ummah.

He urged upon the clerics to gather the Ummah on Quran and Sunnah for the sake of ending sectarianism and uniting the Muslims. He said that the only way to deal with the menaces of today is to come into the field and face them from the front. He said that the Muslims would continue to face hardships until they repented and sought forgiveness on their sins.

He said that Islam is the religion of peace and harmony as it has no link with terrorism. He said that the terrorism in Muslim countries is foreign funded and stability of the country is subject to imposition of Islamic code. He said that the conspiracies of the anti-Pakistan elements are about to die down as Pakistan Zindabad rallies are being brought out in certain areas of Balochistan where people used to chant anti-Pakistan slogans.

New district head spells


The newly appointed DCO of Multan Nadir Chatha took the charge of his office on Tuesday. He replaced Zahid Saleem Gondal, who had been transferred from Multan due to a privilege motion tabled against him in Punjab Assembly by MPA Shah Maqbool Bhutta. The new DCO of Multan has already served as DCO Jhang and Bahawalnagar, ADC Lahore and in Chief Minister Secretariat.

Addressing the heads of all district departments, the new DCO said that all district departments would be made fully functional to offer maximum relief to the public, adding that he would work day and night to improve sanitation and water supply systems in Multan. He said that he believes in resolving problems instead of observing protocols and expects the same from his subordinates. He declared that positive response received from the public would be considered as proof of the satisfactory performance of any department. He directed heads of all departments to offer maximum relief to the public without accepting any political or social pressure.