Islamabad - Many of us are accustomed to watch movie or play games on our cell phone to pass time while we travel. But doctors say this is not a good habit for our health.

This habit can lead to cyber sickness or digital motion sickness. Dr Sanjay Bhatia, an ENT surgeon, explains the condition: “While travelling, digital motion sickness is induced due to the mismatch of motion and vision, among other factors.

This could cause strain on the eyes, blurred vision, headaches, giddiness and nausea. It also affects various organs due to the disturbance of the autonomic nervous system (the part of the nervous system responsible for the control of bodily functions such as breathing, the heartbeat and the digestive processes).”

The symptoms are similar to those of motion sickness, but the two conditions are poles apart. In motion sickness, the brain registers movement, but in digital motion sickness, the brain registers movement and also has to process fast-moving images.

Having motion sickness does not make you more susceptible to this condition. Adults are more susceptible to it than children. Women are more prone to it, those with type-A personality (perfectionists) are prone to it

Experts say that training yourself with the start stop-repeat method (stop watching/playing when the discomfort starts, wait for the symptoms to subside, and repeat once you feel better) may help you get over ‘cyber sickness’.  However, there are no long-term studies that document the side-effects of this method, if any.

Five signs of gum disease

Gum disease is one of the most common oral problems but they are the least attended ones. Here are a few signs of gum disease. The first and obvious sign of gum disease is the presence of blood on your tooth brush.

If you see blood during and after brushing your teeth or when eating food, get it as a sign. Bleeding with no apparent reason is a sign of gum disease.

Swollen gums represent periodontal infection. These swollen gums can be extremely painful and are reason for great discomfort. These swollen gums are also among the signs of gum disease.

When your teeth start getting sensitive, it means tooth decay and you start avoiding stuff which intensifies the problem. This sensitivity can also be due to the disguised gum disease and in some cases not because of tooth decay. So, it needs proper treatment not only prevention from certain foods and beverages. Bad breath is another possible sign of gum disease. Presence of plaque, bacteria and decomposing food particles present in the mouth result in gum diseases which are responsible for Halitosis, aka bad breath.

Destruction of bone and gum tissue causes teeth to loose and shifting teeth. With the tissues deteriorates, there is a big chance of teeth becoming more loosely attached. Big gaps also occur between the teeth due to shifting. This is a sign for gum disease and time to rush to your dentist.