Man held for marrying 10-year-old in Shikarpur

SHIKARPUR (NNI): Police on Friday arrested a man accused of marrying a 10-year-old girl in Shikarpur.

Talking to media, the 40-year-old man claimed that grandmother of the girl had told that the orphan girl was around 17 years old.

The grandmother had reportedly sold the girl to the suspect for Rs0.25 million. The man said he had given the money to the grandmother. Media reported that police had arrived before the Nikkah was solemnised.

On April 30, the National Assembly had referred the bill to amend child marriage restraint act 1929 to the Standing Committee on Law and Justice for further proceeding.

Two women killed over ‘karo-kari’

SHIKARPUR (INP): Two women were killed on Friday over Karo-Kari in Shikarpur.

According to details, the incident occurred in Shikarpur’s village Jan Muhammad Lashari where two women were killed in the pretext of Karo-Kari.

The deceased were identified as Zameeran Lashari and Haleeman Lashari respectively while raids are conducting for the arrest of suspects, police said.

Sub-committees brainstorm establishment of SITB

KARACHI (Staff Reporter): The Sindh Government has moved ahead with its plan to establish a Sindh Informational Technology Board (SITB) on autonomous basis with involvement of the relevant IT experts from the private sector.

In this regard, two special sub-committees of Sindh IT Advisory Committee conducted their maiden meeting. The sub-committees on Legal &Administrative issues and Technical & Policymaking matters conducted their meeting on the directives of Sindh Minister for Information Science and Technology Minister Nawabzada Muhammad Taimur Talpur.

Sindh Secretary for Information Science and Technology Ali Bahadur Qazi chaired meetings of both the sub-committees. The meeting of the legal and administrative sub-committee took into consideration various issues related to formation of Sindh IT Board.

It was proposed in the meeting that the proposed board of the province would comprise of IT experts from the private sector and universities. The meeting decided that a managing-director and his subordinate staff would be appointed for running the affairs of IT Board.

Sindh IT secretary informed the meeting it was the wish of Sindh IT Minister that the proposed board would comprise of the highly qualified and experienced experts of the field as their appointment will be carried out purely on merit without any influence or recommendation.

He said that all government departments had to extensively rely on IT for promoting the cause of E-governance.

The provincial IT secretary said on the occasion that developed countries had even started relying on IT for modernizing their agriculture sector and for increasing their agro produce. He said that the example of the USA was known to everyone in this regard, which had modernized its cultivation techniques with the use of IT enabling it to export wheat and its other agricultural produce to several countries.

Different IT experts who attended the meetings informed its participants about the progress made in different countries for promoting the concept of E-governance as they also suggested various methods to further translate these international IT models in the case of Sindh government.