LAHORE-Super model Ayyan Ali , who was caught red-handed at Benazir Bhutto International Airport Islamabad while making an attempt to smuggle out half a million dollars in 2015, has finally spoken up about money laundering allegations against her.

Taking to social media, the model pummelled trolls and reported she would update fans as often as possible on all procedures.

“Due to my health issues and mental health therapies I wasn’t able to lead my cases the way I wanted to before,” she tweeted. “I have changed my lawyers already, and I am changing my lawyers in all my other ongoing cases as well! All my cases now will be from a fresh start.”

“Before putting such huge allegations on me like money laundering without any proof and making me go through these horrible situations for past four years, I just want to ask something,” she said.

Ayyan shared one of the videos on her twitter account, in which Mushtaq Ahmed and former Interior Minister, Rehman Malik’s brother Khalid Malik can be seen.

“As per this airport video of the former President’s PA (personal assistant) Mushtaq Ahmed and Rehman Malik’s brother, Khalid Malik was there with me in Islamabad Airport’s Rawal Lounge. Why they were not arrested and why were they not mentioned in my FIR? Why were they not the part of any investigation?” she asked.

“My personal life has not done any damage to my motherland Pakistan and the people of my country. People who thought it was a joke before saying whatever they wanted to utter from their mouths will get all their answers now on,” she added.

She concluded, saying, “But my answers will make much more sense than their illogical fake rumours and allegations!”

Ayyan was caught in 2015 at Benazir Bhutto International Airport with $506,800 in cash, which she was allegedly laundering to United Arab Emirates. However, after spending around four months in Rawalpindi’s Adiala Jail, she was granted bail after which she travelled abroad.