LAHORE - Former MPA and PTI leader Ali Salman Siddique has said that spreading unrest and anarchy in the country in the name of ‘Azadi March’ is the real agenda of Maulana Fazlur Rehman.

Fazl is implementing agenda of the anti-Pakistan forces and he wants to destabilise the government, Ali said while addressing a group of notables from Mananwala, Farooqabad and Khankah Dogran that called on him under the leadership of Oversees Committee Chairman Waleed Mujahid and labour leader Rana Sami here on Sunday.

Ali said that absurd and meaningless rants chanted by the Maulana against the national security institutions and the threat of getting an elected prime minister arrested through armed groups were open rebellion against the constitution and a clear evidence of his being a tool in the hands of Pakistan’s enemies.

Ali said that Maulana’s march was intended to divert the nation’s attention from the Kashmir issue and it clearly showed whose agenda the Maulana was following. He said that Imran Khan had successfully brought Kashmir in the limelight at international forums after decades of dormancy, but the Maulana dented this national cause badly through his pointless protest at such a crucial moment.

Ali Salman said that protest with armed groups was a negation of democratic values. “What type of religious service is Maulana rendering by using seminary students to fuel his absurd movement backed by his personal motives?” he questioned.

Ali said opposition parties weren’t sincere with the Maulana because the march is comprised of only seminary students. The leaders of other parties only delivered speeches and didn’t send their workers to Maulana’s protest, thus leaving him on his own.

Ali said the government would not allow anyone to spread violence and fan anarchy. “The government would establish its writ if the protesters indulged in violence and ensure maintenance of law and order by allowing no one to disrupt peaceful life of the common man,” he said.