ISLAMABAD     -    Islamabad College for Boys (ICB) G/6-4 has introduced SMS service to aware the parents with the daily performance and attendance of their children enrolled in the school.

Talking to APP, principal of the school Dr Ahmad Ali Kharal said the aim of this service was to keep parents alert about the studies and daily activities of their children at school.

Through the SMS service , he said, the parents are able to keep check and balance on the daily school activities of their children. They received SMS alert on daily basis in which they were informed that whether their children came late to school or remain absent, he added.

The parents, Dr Ahmad said, were also told about the monthly results of their children.

“The government has the resources and structure so the parents should be facilitated through this service” he maintained.

We would make any endeavour to improve the existing as well as provide new facilities at our school, he remarked.

ICB was first of its kind institution taking tests from the students on monthly basis, he said adding we had prepared a monthly calendar through which the educational activities at schools were being performed.

He said that “ICB is all set to conduct pre-board exams from class 9th to 12th.

The study course of these classes would be completed by December while the test of 70 percent course of 9th and 10th would be taken in January. However, the school exams of 100 percent course of matriculation would be taken in February.” These exams would be taken purely on federal board pattern, he assured.

Dr Ali further said that the pre-board exams of first and second year classes would be conducted in March 2020.

Commenting on the development initiatives taken in the college, he said that it would improve the quality of education and would also engage the students in preparation of their courses.

ICB would be an example of education and quality among other schools and colleges of the Federal Directorate of Education, he concluded.