Pakistan was represented by a 10-member delegation of ‘Global Youth Clan’, led by secretary general Syed Bilawal Ali, at the 2nd Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Young Leaders Forum, held in Khabarovsk Region, Russia from 19th-23rd September 2018.

SCO was created in 2001 due to the combined efforts of China, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kirghizstan. On 9th June 2017, Pakistan and India joined SCO as its fulltime members. The purpose of SCO is to bring together these nations in terms of economic, social and political growth.

The event had been organised by the Russian Union of Youth in collaboration with the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs to host more than 200 International Participants at the Forum. This forum was designed to bring countries of Asia-Pacific region closer to one another, which holds strategic significance towards far-east countries.

Syed Bilawal Ali also got the honor of delivering a preliminary speech at opening ceremony. During the five day summit, members of GYC gave presentations on social entrepreneurship as well as methodologies of international link building, which would help bring economic reforms to countries of summit attendees.

On behalf of ‘Global Youth Clan’ Chairman Tahir Khattak, souvenirs were presented to the chairman of ‘Russian Union of Youth’, Pavel Krasnorutsky, at the closing ceremony of YLF. The organizers of ‘Young Leaders Forum’ are happy with a magnanimous response of the international community, which is striving hard for economic growth of Asian – Eastern region.

It is expected that number of such interactive forums will grow in each of the participant countries, which will give rise to tourism and foreign investment in near future.