Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has said that 220 million people of Pakistan have rejected the JUI-F chief Mulana Fazul ur Rehman’s decision to hold long march as it not time to protest against our own government rather it’s time for a long march against India and it’s time to expose them.

He said, “I hope no party including PML-N and PPP would participate in Maulana’s long march. What to do regarding the protestors, the decision is to be taken by CM Sardar Usman Buzdar and Provincial Cabinet, we are advocates of peaceful protests but will not give permission to anyone to take law in their hands.”

The Governor Punjab was speaking at the ceremony in connection with World Animal Day organized by BROOKE Action for working horses and donkeys and civil society at Governor House this Friday and later addressing the media. Wife of Governor Punjab Begum Perveen Sarwar, PAT Secretary General Khuram Nawaz Gandapur, PTI MPA Ayesha Iqbal, Dr Nadeem, Ayeza Haider, Azeem, Sarah Gandapour, office bearers of NGO Brooke, Voice for the voiceless association and others were present at the occasion.

He said that PTI always talked about peaceful protests but the JUI-F chief is not intending a peaceful protest instead he was planning to create anarchy and chaos through lock downs and in no way it is in larger benefits of the nation. He said that it can be said without any doubt that Maulana has no reason or ground to protest against the government and no one will be allowed to take law into their own hands.

Ch Sarwar showed his concerns about recent situation in Kashmir and said that India has crossed the limit of atrocities and killings in Kashmir, today the government and nation thinks that this is not the time to protest but to lay down our lives to save the jugular vein of Pakistan and to stand in support with Kashmiris people and government is fighting the case of Kashmiris all across the world and will never abandon them.

Addressing the event in connection with on “World Animal day”, Governor Punjab said that our religion Islam forbids torturing the animals. I will run a campaign within Universities for animal rights and protection. We will bring fresh legislation in Assembly for animal rights and will amend the 18th century old law in this regard. 

Wife of Governor Punjab Perveen Sarwar said that unfortunately all previous governments did not take much interest in matters of animal rights and protection, for this reason increases in cases of killing and torturing the animals was noticed in previous years. But now there should be no delay in such matters, civil society should come forward in this regard to run a awareness campaign for animal rights. At the end representatives of Brook organization briefed the audience about its working and initiatives taken for animals.