ISLAMABAD - At a time when the International Islamic University is facing a financial crunch and increasing semester fees, its top officials are spending its resources on foreign trips in a tricky manner in the name of training programmes, it was learnt on Thursday.

Officials told The Nation that Vice President IIUI Dr Tahir Khalily and Assistant Professor Dr Sheeraz from English department created a smoke screen of attending educational training programme and allegedly gave damages to the university exchequer of above Rs500,000.

Officials said that both academicians applied for a training programme conducted at Spain in June, however; despite delay in their visa issuance and conclusion of the programme, they went on foreign trip in July and claimed the expenses from the university.

Details said that The Granada Summer School conducted a week-long training programme on “Critical Muslim Studies: De-colonial Struggles and Liberation Theologies” from June 17 to June 22.

Officials said that despite both of them were not granted visas by the embassy in time for the training programme in June; they visited Spain in July, claiming that the training was still underway. Both also claimed reimbursement of registration and visa fees from Iqbal International Institute for Research and Dialogue (IRD), an institute of the IIU.  Documents available with The Nation said, “On the recommendations of Executive Director IRD, the President IIU approved the nomination of IIU academicians/scholars in the Critical Studies: De-colonial Struggle and Liberation Theologies.

A summer School in Granada, Spain has announced training work programme from 17 to 22 June 2019. They deposited tuition fee online because the deadline is going to be expired. The tuition fee deposited by them has to be reimbursed to both the scholars”.

As per documents, Dr Tahir Khalily was reimbursed 1,407 Euros, and Dr Sheeraz 1,577 Euros. In total, 2984 Euros for online registration fee and Rs18806 visa fee was reimbursed which in Pakistan currency is Rs513017.

When contacted, Dr Tahir Khalily denied the allegations and said that he went to Spain and attended follow-up part of the programme, though he missed 1st part due to delay in visa issuance process.

He also said that both academicians had returned the amount of 1st part of the programme and only got the amount of follow-up part of programme which they attended. However, he did not share the details of how much amount was reimbursed or returned to IRD or details of follow-up programme.

Official also informed The Nation that both academicians went to Spain in later dates and submitted less amount comparatively claimed by the university.

Official added that out of Rs513017, Rs39806 was submitted by Dr Tahir Khalily and Rs35927 by Dr Sheeraz.