Gordon Duff

Everyone in the world knows America’s invasion of Iraq was a lie, an oil raid, from day one. Everyone who stood against Bush and Cheney is dead, in jail or in hiding.

Similarly, anyone who, from day one, knew 9/11 had a “smell” about it was eliminated, down to academics, diplomats, intelligence agents, anyone who spoke up and thousands did on 9/11.

Not only is there no Al Qaeda, but what we know to be “the Taliban” is actually the Northern Alliance.  The terror acts, persecution of women, the extremism, is all orchestrated and staged by CIA contractors with Blackwater and related companies, using Northern Alliance drug lords and their gangs pretending to be “Taliban.” This, in itself, is only one of the Bush era scandals. Now we have had access to an intelligence dump from Afghanistan. The facts are startling.  That war, our “good war,” was even worse and is being continued by trickery.

We have startling reports of human trafficking, children being stolen around Afghanistan and sold into sexual slavery by the tens of thousands, stories of terror bombings and assassinations meant to prolong war, rig elections, end negotiations and compromise and control key regions to maximise drug profits.

With full access to “on the ground” intelligence in every province of Afghanistan, the truth about that war will make you sick. Not one word that hits the press is true.

We will start with the recent visit by General Dempsey. He had just left Tel Aviv after telling Netanyahu that America would never support an attack on Iran. Never. When Dempsey landed, his plane was rocketed and blamed on the Taliban.

Solid intelligence cites the Northern Alliance in cooperation with Israeli agents in Afghanistan, some of the hundreds there, mostly with false German passports who run half the phony UN NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations). They, along with Indian intelligence, the RAW, train bomb makers, stage attacks, supply detonators and the endless stream of Indian built weapons, run training camps that actually do exist and have been managing a covert war on Pakistan while the US has turned a blind eye even though they are responsible for hundreds of attacks on Americans.

Let’s look at Karzai, a Durani tribesman, representing, at best, 4% of the population but personally governing an area smaller than the average American backyard. He can’t be given a large enough security detail to freely travel in his own capitol, much less country. His rule has been maintained through a flood of money, some billions in American aid, he pays out in bribes. The other money, you can guess about that.

Afghanistan produced almost no opium when the US invaded in late 2001. Our chosen allies were the drug lords of the Northern Alliance, seen as criminals and foreigners by the majority of Afghans. They have been the worst allies imaginable and our continued dependence on them and our appointment of Karzai, a former oil executive, as president has made things worse.

Karzai has surrounded himself with former Communists and Northern Alliance outcasts, they make up his government, them and anyone willing to take money.

America’s Special Envoy, the “now dead” Richard Holbrooke is the one responsible for certifying the narcotics production effort as central to US policy.  It received key Republican support in Congress, and made war in Afghanistan possible forever. Why?

Colonel Eugene Khrushchev, former First Secretary of both the Soviet and Russian embassies in Kabul, an editor of Veterans Today and longtime friend calls Holbrooke one of the world’s biggest “drug kingpins.”

There are more American names involved including two American senators up to their necks in the Afghan drug business, from the “money laundering” end, making use of thousands of secret bank accounts in the Cayman Islands, Switzerland and elsewhere. Any of this sound familiar? Afghanistan doesn’t export opium paste anymore. Key Americans, many elected officials, some military, aided by foreign intelligence services, India, Britain, Canada and Germany have built the world’s heroin processing industry there.

Shipping is handled by the Northern Alliance, for the local market, Afghanistan is a nation of addicts now, and the massive Russian market.

Europe is handled out of two bases, Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo, where the US flies heroin and turns it over to the Kosovo/Albanian mafia for distribution and to Belgium, where it is distributed for Northern Europe. Much goes directly to the United States via long range drones of the private air force of CIA contracting companies, shipped as “rendition prisoners.”


Early in the Afghan War, 6000 POWs were taken by American led Northern Alliance forces.  All were murdered.  This is a fact, unreported, but verifiable and indisputable.  The orders came, not from some local leader but the White House.  America wanted a war “forever,” not one we could win, as we never wanted to win.

About 5% of those we are fighting are “Taliban,” a word that means “student.”  For years, the press and US Army has kept the truth from the American people. –Veterans Today