ISLAMABAD – Three-day international conference on botany concluded at Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) on Monday after providing a historic opportunity to the scientists and young scholars to explore ways for utilising science and technology potential in better way.

The conference was arranged by QAU in collaboration with Pakistan Botanical Society (PBS), giving a platform to the distinguished intellectuals and leading experts to exchange ideas and develop strategies in the field of plant sciences.

Hundreds of scientists and faculty members from across the country and abroad (Oman, Turkey, Saudi Arab, France) participated in the conference.

These scientists in their lectures, poster presentations and panel discussions elaborated recent trends in their relative fields of expertise including Physiology, Ecology, Eco-physiology, Microbial Interactions, Plant Taxonomy, Economic Botany, Molecular Biology, Plants and Environment, Agriculture Agronomy, Horticulture, Plant Breeding and Genetics.

Addressing on the occasion, Vice Chancellor Quaid-i-Azam University, Professor Dr Masoom Yasinzai said the representatives of various countries in this conference exchanged a credible Science and Technology potential.

Some countries have created basic infrastructure and achieved a degree of success on certain fronts but are lacking in capital resources to sustain their Research and Development set up. On the other hand, some states have very weak Science and Technology base and are almost completely dependent on imported technologies but possess huge capital resources to meet these requirements.

This forum provides an opportunity to discuss such issues at least for plant sciences and to get benefited from the research advances made.

“Mutual cooperation is the need of the hour. We must forge unity among our ranks and files and demonstrate our commitment for assisting each other in working for the common cause of regaining our lost glory of leadership and research” said the Vice-Chancellor.

Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Mir Changez Khan Jamali inaugurated the conference. 

Addressing the participants, he said that Education must be thought of as an essential investment in national development and not as expenditure. 

“We must first build our people through grooming their minds by a challenging educational system which can suitably prepare them to tackle key national problems”, he said. 

Emphasising the importance of economic strength in the evolving globalising world, he said, “we would remain vulnerable to external manipulations at the cost of reaching our true and proper position without economic stability.

Head of the Department of Bio Technology and President of Pakistan Botanical Society, Dr Zabta Khan Shinwari, in his detailed presentation, described the history and background of the Botanical Society and scope of Plant Sciences.

Dean Faculty of Biological Sciences, Prof Dr Asghari Bano briefed the audiences about the achievements of the faculty.