MANDI BAHAUDDIN - The Mustaqbil Pakistan Party's (MPP) main objective is to bring about a complete and fundamental shift in the way of politics being practiced in the country.

Addressing two separate females and males gatherings here the other day, MPP Punjab President Unsia Bano said that the present rulers were following anti-people policies and they had brought nothing but miseries to the people.

She said that old political parties comprised of traditional and hereditary politicians since emergence of the country had been fleecing the common man with use of exploitative means.

Due to their incompetency and greed, all institutions and departments had come to the verge of destruction, she added.

She said that economy of the country had been destroyed and energy crisis was escalating while inflation and corruption had been the rule of the day.

She further said that the present rulers had turned the country into a security state. It is better people of the land wake up and elects honest and competent people among their lot in the upcoming elections who could steer the country out of present turmoil and put it on the way to progress and prosperity.

She said that people were joining MPP in crowds after leaving old political parties including the PTI.

She said that Party Chairman Nadeem Qureshi would visit Mandi Bahauddin soon and open a party office here.