ISLAMABAD - National Institute for Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering (NIBGE) has developed two cotton varieties IR-NIBBGE-3 and NIBGE-115 which have natural feature of surviving against virus disease.According to official data available,IR-NIBGE-3 has shown 100% purity for Bt gene (cry1Ac, Mon-531), and also has shown high expression of the Bt protein (as reported by the labs).An official told APP that the plant is of open type and the foliage color is light green and is released for spring cultivation in Punjab.While NIBGE-115 has been released as a highly tolerant cotton variety. This has been developed through exploiting DNA-based marker-assisted technology for developing resistance against the old strain of cotton leaf curl disease.Biotechnology has now been accepted as a technology of great promise, offering an infinite number of ways for combating problems of agriculture, health, industry and environment.Realizing its importance, the government established NIBGE at Faisalabad under the auspices of  Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission(PAEC) in 1987 which was formally inaugurated in 1994.