LAHORE – Following an increase in the international Saudi Aramco Contract Price, state owned LPG producer, OGDCL has increased its LPG price by Rs 18,836 from Rs. 85,104 to Rs. 103,940 per metric ton.  “Local LPG prices which are indexed to Saudi Aramco CP have arisen in direct relation to the Saudi CP which witnessed an increase of $171 per ton” said Belal Jabbar the spokesman for the LPG Association of Pakistan.“The hike in the Saudi Aramco Contract price is primarily due to increased use of LPG in Saudi Arabia, leaving little room for its export commitments. Furthermore stockpiling of LPG by China and other energy hungry countries has also impacted the prices” said Belal.Retail prices will increase by almost Rs 19 per kilo and will be as follows in different parts of the country: Sindh and Balochistan Rs 130, Punjab Rs. 140, AJK and Northern Areas Rs. 145 per kilo. The price of domestic cylinder is expected to increase by Rs 225 to Rs. 1651 and that of commercial cylinder by Rs. 855 to Rs. 6303 per cylinder. The Government is the largest producer of LPG in the country and the most direct and immediate beneficiary of the increase in prices.