LAHORE - Leader of the Opposition in Punjab Assembly Raja Riaz on Monday alleged that the provincial government had ordered the administration and police to register fake cases against PPP and PML-Q leaders.

Addressing a news conference at the Punjab Assembly cafeteria along with Deputy Opposition Leader Shaukat Mehmood Basra, Raja said the Sharifs had decided to crush their political opponents by launching a victimisation campaign against them.

Condemning the alleged victimisation, Raja said the rulers in Punjab had resorted to revenge out of frustration ahead of the upcoming general elections, which might prove tough for the PML-N.

According to him, Haroonabad police had registered a fake encroachment case against Shaukat Basra without any prior notice to the victim. “On the one hand, the Sharifs are suppressing the Opposition through police; while on the other, efforts are being made to pressurise the media,” remarked Raja, adding that if the PML-N did not stop its propaganda campaign against journalists, the PPP would be left with no option but to unveil a list of so-called journalists serving PML-N interests.

When reporters asked Raja to point out the names of ‘black sheep’ in the media, instead of maligning the whole journalistic community, he said first Chaudhry Nisar should name the anchors whose loyalties had allegedly been bought by President Zardari.