LAHORE – Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah said on Monday that PPP leaders had lost their senses, anticipating defeat in the general elections.

While terming statements of Punjab Assembly Opposition Leader Raja Riaz and Deputy Opposition Leader Shaukat Mahmood Basra against the PML-N leadership and the Punjab government “immoral”, Sanaullah said they reflected the true face and culture of the PPP.

The law minister said the attractive slogans of the PPP, through which it used to allure the masses in the past, had become hollow and the party had now run short of misleading slogans to delude the masses; therefore, its leadership was resorting to mudslinging against political rivals.

Sanaullah hoped that now the masses would not be deceived by the PPP. “No one is above the law and Shaukat Basra is trying to give a political colour to a legal case registered against him,” he said.

Sanaullah said Raja Riaz and Shaukat Basra ought to talk about corruption and mismanagement of the federal government because of whose faulty policies the people had to undergo the agony of prolonged loadshedding, burgeoning unemployment and rising inflation.

He said the federal government was displaying its anti-people attitude by raising the prices of petroleum products on weekly basis. “A humiliating defeat in the upcoming general elections has become the destiny of the PPP since the people of Pakistan are fully determined to make the party face its logical end,” he added.