PESHAWAR - Awami National Party (ANP), President Asfandyar Wali Khan and ANP, KPK, President Senator Afrasaib Khan Khattak on Monday strongly condemned the terrorist attack on US Consulate vehicle at Abdara Road in Peshawar.

They expressed profound grief and sorrow over the killing of innocent people.  In a joint press statement issued here, the ANP leaders said that terrorists were shedding the blood of innocent people in share frustration, adding the terrorists hired assassins who are targeting men, women and children for the sake of money. They said terrorists were trying to block the way of peace in the region but they would keep in mind that they would be utterly failed in their nefarious designs like in the past. 

Terrorism is a global problem, they said, adding that it was not restricted to this region alone. The ANP elders said we have to fight this scourge collectively.

The terrorists are conducting inhuman activities to make the people hostage, however they were optimistic that it would not run for long time.

The ANP leaders declared in clear terms that such kinds of cowardly acts of terrorism could not shake the resolve and determination of ANP government, police and its people. They also prayed for the early recovery of the injured of the blast and prayed for departed soul of the victims.

Meanwhile, Federal Minister for Communications Dr Arbab Alamgir Khan Khalil has visited the spot of the suicide attack in University Town Peshawar where he inspected the affected buildings and vehicles.

Later, he went to the hospital to inquire about the condition of those injured in the blast. Talking to media persons on the site of the attack, the Federal Minister said that they would not rest until eradication of the menace of terrorism from the country.

Expressing his sympathies with the dear ones of those who lost their lives and injured in the blast, the minister said that no society or religion condones terrorism and such heinous acts will not be tolerated and terrorist will have to meet their fate.

Arbab Alamgir Khan said that the war on terrorism is a war of our survival and we have to win it. The Federal Minister stressed the need to further improve security measures in the area because houses of many high ups have been affected in the blast whose security is the responsibility of the government. He further said that it is the duty of the security officials to immediately reach the site on such occasions. 

Later, the Federal Minister mixed with the people of the area around the site of the blast and assured them of his full support.