THIS stunning supercar from the dawn of the space age looks a million dollars - and that’s close to how much one collector paid for it. Despite its futuristic lines the Plymouth XNR was designed and built over 50 years ago and is the only one in existence. It has recently sold for $935,000 at an RM Auctions in Monterey, California.

The dawn of the space age in America led to some of the most outlandish designs in automotive history, with the XNR is one of the most dramatic examples of the age.

Its outlandish design was supposed to replicate jet aircraft and rockets with the prominent fin thought to aid stability when it hits its top speed of150mph. Meanwhile, the aircraft inspired front nacelle added to the space age look. The two-seater car was once owned by the Shah of Iran before endeding up in the hands of Lebanese car collector Karim Edde.

It survived war torn Beirut in the 1980s in an underground warehouse and in 2008 Mr Edde took it to America to be fully restored.                                   –GN