LOS ANGELES-Bella Thorne’s house has been burgled. The 20-year-old actress was in for a shock over the weekend when conniving thieves managed to force their way into her lavish home in San Fernando Valley, California, by smashing a window and make off with some of her possessions. Law enforcement sources have told TMZ that the burglars managed to steal $150,000 worth of valuables - including her designer jewellery, vintage clothing and purses - as well as her designer suitcases to carry the stolen stash.


 The suspects reportedly watched and waited for Bella to leave her home before they smashed the front window and entered her property.

The incident was reportedly captured on CCTV but they covered their faces with bandanas so the police are no closer to catching the criminals.

This is the second time Bella’s mansion has been targeted by thieves in one week as just a few days ago another set of robbers attempted to break into her property but they fell at the first hurdle when they realised the actress was in.

Bella’s robbery comes less than a month after French Montana’s mansion in Calabasas, California, was targeted by two armed male suspects.

The Calabasas Sheriff Department confirmed at the time that police were distributed as soon as they received the call about the robbery but, upon arrival at the property, the criminals had already managed to flee the scene.

There were at least two residents at the address when the crime took place but officers refused to confirm whether any of them were the ‘Unforgettable’ hitmaker.

It’s not known how much was stolen - or what was taken - but no one was injured during the burglary as the paramedics and fire brigade were not called.