Good health is not only central to human happiness and well-being but also to economic progress and development of the country. There is no denying the fact that strong and effective public health policies are essential for providing modern and quality healthcare facilities to the patients.

Healthcare is all about patient care and it is the prime responsibility of the government to provide better, quality, and timely medical facilities to the patients. The social contract between the government and people demands harmony for their mutual benefit and interest. Since the provision of quality medical facilities is among the top most priorities of the Punjab government, therefore, it is certainly leaving no stone unturned to improve the healthcare system of the province and is making all out efforts to increase the public-private partnership in the health sector.

The recent signing of agreement between the Punjab government and the Recep Tayyip Erdogan Hospital Trust regarding the management of the Kidney Hospital, Multan is a link in the same chain. Under the agreement, the control of the 150-bed Kidney Hospital has been handed over to the Indus Group. According to details, the Indus Group will take over the responsibility of the hospital after 12 weeks and by June the hospital would start providing medical aid to kidney patients.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Indus Group is a non-profit organization which at present is running the Recep Tayyip Erdogan Hospital, Muzaffargarh in an excellent manner and that the hospital has become an example of excellent performance not only in South Punjab but also in the whole country.

It is unfortunate that the plight of patients is increasing day by day as they are getting the cold shoulder of young doctors due to their persistent protests and agitations across the province. Recent events have demonstrated the stark realities that standards of health care fall woefully short of the minimum requirements. People associated with this noble profession should become Messiah for the distressed and suffering humanity in true sense.

A patient’s well-being must be of paramount concern to the government as health is a public good. The people at the helm of affairs should remain vigilant to ensure that patients are never subjected to such poor quality of care. Welfare of patients should be the primary consideration and to achieve this, need of the hour is to further take forward the model of public-private partnership in government hospitals as nothing is more important than the health of the patients at large.

Moreover, doctors must also adhere to the principles of true professionalism and serve the sick and ailing humanity with commitment, motivation and devotion in line with their oath. For Pakistan to prosper it is important that the people of Pakistan must be healthy and for that to happen welfare of the patients should come first. Whether it is any type of model but if the ultimate outcome is the benefit and welfare of patients then it needs to be promoted at all levels.

It is hoped that the increased public-private partnership in the health sector would help uplift the well-being of patients in true sense. Words will not do anything until they are backed by actions.