HAFIZABAD - Three members of a family including two women here in Shori Manika village were shot dead over a domestic issue the other night.

The police have registered a case against Talib Hussain on the charge of murdering his daughter, son-in-law and sister.

It is reported in the FIR that accused Talib had married off his daughter Shamila to the son of his sister (Khurshid Begum), Tariq Mahmood ten year back. Tariq deceased proceeded to Iran for making his bread and butter few years back and on the request of accused Talib his son Qasim Ali was called to Iran where he went missing and despite inquiries deceased Tariq could not satisfy his father-in-law. Recently, deceased Tariq returned to his village and on queries he could not satisfy accused Talib about the whereabouts of his son Qasim Ali. In a fit of rage, frustrated Talib intruded into the house of Tariq, opened indiscriminate firing killing Tariq, his mother Khurshid Begum and his wife Shamaila on the spot. The accused managed to escape after committing the offence.

Woman killed for honour: Safia Bibi in nearby village of Jalalpur Bhattian was brutally murdered by her brother-in-law due to here suspicious character.

The deceased had allegedly developed illicit relations with a young man which was resented by her family members who had advised her time and again but she lent deaf ear to their advice.

The police are investigating.

Dead animals' meat seized: Veterinary doctor Vanike Tarar has seized dead animal meat from the shop of Iftikhar etc and the Vanike Police have registered a case against him.

The accused has set up beef shop at Sasta Ramazan bazaar Vanike Tarar where he was allegedly selling dead animals' meat.