ISLAMABAD  - Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf on Saturday said that the PPP leadership was determined to hold free, fair and transparent elections so the people could choose their next government.

Addressing workers of the Pakistan People’s Party from Gujjar Khan here at the Prime Minister’s House, the PM said that the people would get an opportunity to decide who would run the government in future. Raja Ashraf said “Election is our field and we are always ready to go into elections.” “Somebody else may be afraid of elections but we yearn for them as it is the only way for the PPP to form government,” he added. He said Bhutto and Benazir  came into power through elections. No dictator brought BB into power and Zardari became President with two-thirds majority with the support of the Parliament and ousted a dictator with support of people, he observed.

 The Prime Minister said that the PPP came into power through ballot and formed governments in the provinces, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan.

Despite all the criticism and joint opposition, the PPP won the by-election in Multan on the seat vacated by Yousuf Raza Gilani, he noted.

The Prime Minister said the PPP government had started preparing for elections as it appointed an honest and impartial Chief Election Commissioner as recommended by the opposition.

He said that the PPP government carried out record development projects in the last four years and would contest the elections on the basis of its performance.

He said he respected the opposition as it was part of the Parliament and had a stake in democracy like anybody else.

He stressed on the need for healthy politics in which parties present their programme before the people and refrain from leveling unfounded allegations. “We should move towards matured politics,” he said, adding the government and the opposition in the past worked together to overcome challenges of terrorism and to enact constitutional amendments.