KARACHI —Emirates Airline had the pleasure of hosting an Arabic themed lftar/dinner in honour of the media representatives in Karachi.

It was an opportunity for the recently- appointed Vice-President Pakistan Mr. Khalid Bardan to meet with local media. Emirates believes it is important to acknowledge and support the positive response it receives from local media and described this event as an amicable opportunity to renew its appreciation towards the media, in recognition of their noble mission and vital role in society, says a press release.  Speaking on the occasion, Bardan said that Emirates would like to thank you all for your outstanding and continuous support to the airline. Acknowledging the role of media and its power to reach out to any individual around the world through its diversified channels, he added.

“I am confident we can always count on the media assistance to increase the worldwide awareness of Emirates and its products and the airline aims to develop excellent communications with the local media through such initiatives now and in the future.” Respectively, media representatives expressed their gratitude being present at the dinner and said they always look forward to working together with Emirates.

Emirates operates 54 weekly flights to four destinations in Pakistan and since its inception over two decades ago, Emirates has become one of the world’s leading airlines. With a fleet of 178 aircraft, flying to 125 destinations across six continents, its success is firmly rooted in the commitment to innovation and quality. This commitment has earned Emirates more than 500 major international awards for the quality of its in-flight cuisine, the breadth of its in-flight entertainment and excellence of overall service; thus heralding a new era in luxury travel.