KARACHI - Beside extortion and protection money, collection of Fitra and Zakat by various religious and political parties intensified the problems of business community already suffering from lawlessness in the City.

Traders and businessmen in various localities of the metropolis are perturbed over the collection of Fitra and Zakat. There are a number of political and religious parities collecting charity funds in various localities of the City. The areas include Old City, New Karachi, Surjani, Orangi Town, Banaras, Kati Pahari, Shah Faisal, Korangi and various other localities.

Ayaz, a businessman of New Karachi Industrial Area said that workers of a political parity gave Fitra receipt of Rs 2,000 as usual but competition among the political parities gave tough time to the businessmen.

He said that political workers collected Rs 2,000 but very next day, workers of a religious party came and gave receipt of Rs 10,000 because they believed that political party workers had also collected Rs10,000.

“I have paid Rs12,000 to two different parties when another religious outfit workers reached factory and gave the receipt of Rs 2,5000. “It would be difficult to pay the salaries to factory workers when they were asking the amount more than the salaries of factory workers,” he added.

Nobody can suppose to decline or refuse to pay any of the political party because every one is scared of the current turmoil.

Faisal, a shopkeeper in FB Area said that that the collection of Fitra and Zakat is an annul routine matter for the businessmen and shopkeepers themselves participate in the fund generation but this year fear has been rising in the business community and shopkeepers avoid to negotiate and pay whatever they demand.

He pointed out that workers of a political party gave receipt of Rs 5000 to a bookshop owner.

When the shop owner declined to pay such a huge amount that angered party workers and they left the shop without taking money.

The shopkeeper scared off and ran after the party workers and gave them the amount they wanedt.

The worst situation has been observed in Old City areas where rival groups affiliated with political parities and gangs want to killeach other for money. Khurram Kabaria, a shopkeeper of Old City area said that armed workers of political parties were collecting Fitra and Zakat.

A police official who whished not to be named revealed that schools, hospitals, stores and all commercial units are now bound to pay the protection amount to the gangsters while collection of Fitra and Zakat would be more lethal in next few days.

He said that two shopkeepers were killed in Orangi Town who declined to pay Fitra because shopkeepers were affiliated with rival political parity.