ISLAMABAD - Advisor to Chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on Awareness and Prevention, and In-charge Media Cell, Dr Ayesha Siddiqa has resigned from her post after developing serious differences with NAB authorities on key policy issues.

Though there was no official word about her resignation, sources in the department confirmed to TheNation that she has tendered her resignation and would relinquish her duties on completion of formalities.

When contacted Dr Ayesha Siddiqa was not available to confirm the news, while her subordinates in the media cell expressed their complete ignorance about the development.

The sources in the department further informed that Dr Ayesha Siddiqa was symbol of resistance against the forces of status quo and it was her bold and outspoken reflection on the tricky policy matters which had invited troubles for the lady and for quite some time the NAB bosses and those at the helm of affairs were considering her replacement. The sources said that on a number of occasions Dr Ayesha Siddiqa came up with bold reflection on matters in the official meetings, which her other colleagues in the department avoided to talk about even in their private conversations.

These sources further said that her demeanour also irked many in the power echelons and she was conveyed the same at several occasions but instead of mending her ways as per the wishes of her bosses she preferred to walk away with dignity and grace. The sources in the department said that as per the department’s rules she has to serve one-month notice period but the NAB bosses have already picked a couple of persons from within the department to replace her.

One of the strong contenders for the slot was Shoukat Qadir who managed to get the job using his clout in the top military hierarchy and, according to the sources, he would likely replace her at the media cell.