WAZIRABAD - PPP candidate for NA 101 Ijaz Ahmad Cheema said that corruption in Punjab provincial departments was severer than that in the federal institutions.

"Time for revival of relations always exists. Coordination with workers keeps a party alive and active. Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif was wasting huge funds in temporary schemes while power crisis in the province can be resolved within two weeks through an administrative order," Cheema claimed while addressing party workers at his residence.

He added that regional and central Leaders are liable for maintaining coordination between people and the party. "Misunderstanding among the workers of a party is a common thing but this should not affect the party work. Deference of opinion is beauty of democracy," he said. "The party workers should increase contacts with people in their respective areas and pay heed to their problems."

He observed that the Punjab government can solve the problem by compelling housing schemes to install solar energy units within 15 days. He added that the Punjab government could also install small turbines on canals and other water courses for production of electricity.