PML(N) chief Nawaz Sharif has said that some elements were playing with the constitution, democracy and judiciary and pushing country towards chaos. Addressing Azm-e-Now function at Alhamrah Hall here on Sunday, Nawaz Sharif said the country was standing at the same level even after passage of 65 years of independence. He said we had already lost East Pakistan and the remaining part of the country was weakening day by day. Pakistan is blamed for every act of terrorism that occurs in any part of the world, he added. Nawaz promised that PML-N would work for strengthening the country’s economy and loadshedding crisis would be overcome in six months, adding loadshedding had destroyed the economy and put the future of country at stake. PML-N chief said rulers were looking towards others for help and were not utilising the local resources to take the country out of crises. He lamented that every day a new corruption scandal appears in the media. He said whenever the supreme court takes notice of rulers corruption, they get annoyed. “We shall not let anyone look towards Pakistan with an evil eye and after coming to power and lead Pakistan among the top ten economies of the world,” Nawaz said. “PML-N is a democratic party and it is a wrong impression that he takes every decision,” Nawaz said. He said all the decisions are taken by the party in consultation. He said today tens of thousands of Pakistani youths are leaving the country because they are disappointed over its future.