OKARA - During a dacoity in village Bazida, a woman was gang-raped by robbers who then made off with cash and valuables.

A resident of Sher Rabbani Road Ratta Khana, Fiaz Ahmad Khan, was asleep in a factory along with his family. Meanwhile, seven armed men barged into the building and held Akram and his wife at gunpoint. The perpetrators also gang raped Khalida. Later, having tied the family members in a room, they fled away with mobile phones, a gun and other valuables as well as cash. They also stole from the factory a transformer which costs Rs1500,00O.

SHOT LOOTED: From a garments' shop in C Block, thieves broke into the shop of one Sheikh Mohammad Akbar Javeed and fled away with garments worth hundreds of thousands of rupees. They stole 400 pants worth Rs1 million.

Worker killed at poultry farm: A poultry farm worker was killed at a poultry farm in 38/GD. Mohammad Farooq, a resident of 37/WB Vehari, went to a poultry farm of Mohammad Saleem at 38/GD, Faisalabad Road for work and did not return and was killed. It was suspected by the victim's father, Mohammad Maqbool, that Saleem, the owner of the poultry farm got his son killed.

GENERATOR STOLEN: A generator was stolen from in front of the shop of a journalist.

Sources informed that local Journalist Abdul Waheed Insari had placed a generator outside his photocopy shop on Tehsil Road.

Meanwhile, unknown thieves took away the generator. The police have registered a case.