ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan can go for the kill if the dissident leaders continue to wash the dirty linen in the public, close aides of the party supermo confided to The Nation.

“He is asking them to resolve their grievances within the party. If they continue to create nuisance they could be shown the doors”, a senior PTI leader, who wished not to be named, said.

About Hamid Khan, he said, “The senior lawyer has to remain in the discipline of the party like all others. If he continues to violate the discipline, the party can take action.” “The action won’t come overnight. The annoyed people are being asked to discuss their issues with the leadership. Public criticism over the leadership and the party will not be tolerated”, he added.

Asked for comments, senior PTI leader Shafqat Mehmood said, “Of course the leadership does not accept indiscipline. The people have been asked to sit on a table to sort out differences.”

He said, “The leadership is obviously not happy with those who are taking the internal differences to public. These should be discussed at the party level. Those doing it in public are damaging the party.”

The lawmaker maintained, “Naturally the party leadership wants to sort out things. There will be meetings with everybody who has any question.”

Another PTI lawmaker Amjed Ali Khan from Mianwali said that the party leadership cannot ignore discipline violations for long.

“There will be meetings as Imran Khan has already asked the party leaders to discuss the matters within the party. If the violations cross a certain limit then an action is bound to come.” Imran Khan, who was busy in looking after the flood affectees in his constituency, said the party leaders who have reservations must not talk about them in public.

“For the unity of the party, the issues must be settled within the party. Making them (the issues) public will not be in anyone’s interest,” he remarked.

Earlier, senior PTI leader Hamid Khan had blasted the party policies, saying the remnants of the dictators’ were now among the top leaders of the PTI.

Hamid Khan, a founding member of the party, complained that the party loyalists were not allowed to come forward while those having a tainted past were surrounding Imran Khan.

He said the people who strengthened the dictatorship of Pervez Musharraf – ostensibly Jehangir Tareen - were now in a leading role in PTT.

He has also been criticising Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervez Khattak for nepotism.

Some weeks back, dissident PTI leader Gulzar Khan had said that his party lacks “political maturity” and due to “illogical policies” it had failed to deliver.

Four PTI members of the National Assembly Gulzar Khan (NA 4), Siraj Mohammed Khan (NA 6), Nasir Khan Khattak (NA 15) and Mussarat Alamzeb (women reserved seat) had refused to resign when Imran Khan asked his legislators to quit the assemblies during the sit-in in Islamabad.

And in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the situation is no different as sitting members have been criticising the Pervez Khattak-led government.

PTI members of the provincial assembly Mehmood Jan and Qurban Ali Khan recently accused their own party’s government of ‘massively violating’ the recruitment policy and making appointments at will.

On Sunday, Imran Khan had categorically said that he would never tolerate a division within his party. Imran Khan warned that “continued wrangling” would only benefit the opponents of the PTI.

He contended that the entire country was divided into two parts, while a split was taking place in PTI as well.

Last week, Imran Khan had held a meeting with Justice Wajihuddin Ahmed (Retd) and Hamid Khan to resolve the differences within the party.

The party leaders had claimed that differences were settled with Wajihuddin Ahmed but there were no words about Hamid Khan who went on to mock the party’s policies even after the two-hour sitting with his leader.