Islamabad - Ambassador of Egypt Said Mohamed Elsaid Hindam hosted a grand reception to celebrate the 63rd anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution and say goodbye to his Pakistani friends here at a local hotel.

Federal Minister for Defence Production, Rana Tanveer Hussain was the chief guest. President Azad Jammu and Kashmir Sardar Muhammad Yaqoob Khan and Minister of State for Education Baleeghur Rehman also attended the reception.

All the Arab ambassadors were sitting on stage and a big stage was set up to accommodate about 30 ambassadors there. Indian High Commissioner TCA Raghavan and Afghan Ambassador Janan Moosazai were standing at the side for mutual discussion.

Responding to a question, Raghavan said that he has received instructions from his Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj and he is going to Karachi to meet Geeta and make necessary arrangements for her departure to India.

When Raghavan was asked about the meeting of the national security advisors of Pakistan and India he replied, “We have proposed the meeting on 23rd and 24th August in New Delhi. We have not yet received any confirmation.”

Palestinian Ambassador Walid Ahmed Mahmoud Abu Ali, answering a question, said that the people of Palestine are thankful to the Pakistani government for its continuous support for the Palestinian cause. He further added that he saluted Rana Tanveeer Hussain on stage when he spoke in Palestinians’ support.

Russian Ambassador Alexey Dedov is very relaxed in Islamabad after inclusion of Pakistan into Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Dedov informed that a Russian parliamentarian delegation is visiting Pakistan and would attend the Asian Parliamentarian Conference on 10th September in Islamabad.

Saudi Ambassador Abdullah Marzouq Aldehrani is very pleasant in meeting the people and he always shows positive attitude while shaking hand and talking to others. This reflects that he takes interest in meeting people and making bonds of friendship with others at all available meetings and exposures.

Rana Tanveer Hussain on behalf of the government of Pakistan wished people and government of Egypt on the occasion. He said that Pakistan and Egypt enjoy close cordial relations which are deep rooted in shared history, culture and heritage. The people of Pakistan and Egypt have deep respect for each other. He further added that Pakistan considers Egypt as a key Muslim country and a significant stakeholder in the region as well as in the Islamic world. Pakistan wants to strengthen relations with Egypt in all fields of mutual interest including defence which has emerged as a very promising area for bilateral cooperation. “Close cooperation would enable us to work for the common welfare of the Islamic Ummah and our region,” he added.

Highlighting the role of Pakistani government regarding Palestine issue, he said that Pakistan has consistently been supporting the just cause of the Palestinian people for their right to have a state of their own Al Quds al Sharif as its capital.

Tanveer said that Pakistan and Egypt condemn terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. Both countries share the principled position that the struggle for self-determination and against alien domination cannot be equated with terrorism, weather it is in the case of Jammu and Kashmir or Palestine. He hoped that both countries would together continue the common endeavours for building a better future of people of countries and promoting international peace, stability and prosperity.

Said Hindam in his remarks emphasised the role of Egypt played after the revolution in the liberation of the Arab and African countries. He compared the role of new Egyptian revolution on the 30th of June 2013, which was led by the people and supported by the army to overcome the challenge of terrorism based on religious sectarianism.

Hindam praised new Suez Canal project as he said it is Egypt’s gift to the world, emphasising it will reduce time and cost of transportation between Pakistan and western countries.

He further highlighted the positive development in Pak-Egypt bilateral relations and mentioned the Egyptian defence minister’s visit to Pakistan and described it as the landmark in the relations between both countries.

—The writer is a freelance contributor