LAHORE: Once again ruling out the army’s involvement in the sit-in at Islamabad last year, PAT central leader Khurram Nawaz Gandapur demanded the Army Chief to take notice of the statements of the defence minister and seek evidence from him in this regard.

Responding to the statement of Defence Minister Khawaja Asif, the PAT leader said the blame game had exceeded to embarrassing levels and politicians were raising fingers at the very institution of army. He challenged the defense minister to bring proof that army generals had backed the sit-in.–Staff Reporter

Gandapur said that the PAT chairman Dr Tahirul Qadri led the ‘inqilab march’ against the criminal atrocities of the Punjab government against innocent PAT workers including women and children in Model Town.

“If the generals were behind the sit-in and the long marches then it means they were also behind the Model Town killings,” he asked from the rulers. He criticised the PML-N for having ‘criminal mindset’ against the army.