A: Look at that, the street is full with girls, just milling about. What are they doing here, is there a conference or something nearby?

S: Oh Ameen, sometimes you are so naive, they are women of the night. If you look for long enough, you’ll see them getting into cars that stop here.

A: What? Here in Gulberg , seriously? How do you know?

S: Because this is their spot, they are always here, although I must admit there are far more here today than usual. What can I say, business must me booming.

A: Poor souls. I wonder what kind of misery and misfortune has led them here.

S: Bad luck, desperation and no money usually, although there is a huge trafficking ring involved too. But you know, in countries where prostitution isn’t a crime and girls aren’t forced into it, it is quite a profitable profession. They earn more than mid-level bank mangers on average, sometimes even more, and many of them are extremely happy with their life.

A: I don’t know what kind of people can call themselves happy doing what they do. For me it is highly demeaning, and no amount of money can ever change that. The issue here is social, not monetary.

S: How easy it for you to pass judgement sitting in an air-conditioned car while they are out in the street. Their opinions count, yours don’t. And on a principle level, if a tall man is genetically suited to play basketball, a strong man is suited to be a wrestler, a smart woman, a programmer, then why can’t a beautiful woman – or man – chose to use his genetic predisposition to make a career for themselves. We allow beautiful people to model their bodies, don’t we? Why not take this to its logical conclusion.

A: Because that is the most tortured use of analogies I have ever seen, and because no matter how logical it is, when it comes to sexual matters, no one thinks logically, not even you.