LAHORE: Flight operation at Lahore Airport remained disturbed on Thursday when 16 flights of different airlines were cancelled while 18 others delayed on different grounds, said an unnamed officials of flight inquiry.

Among the cancelled flights included Shaheen airline’s six flights number 717, 718, 766, 767, 872 and 873 operating on sectors, Lahore-Jeddah-Lahore, Lahore-Dubai-Lahore, and Lahore-Kuala Lumpur-Lahore respectively. 

Similarly, five flights were cancelled of Air Blue including flights number 471, 413, 400, 430 and 431 operating on Jeddah, Sharjah, Karachi and Abu Dhabi.

Five flights of PIA were also cancelled including Pk-590, 591, 541, 322 and Pk-323 operating on Lahore-Sakhar-Lahore, Lahore-Quetta-Lahore sector respectively.

Apart from this delay many flights were delayed from 30 minutes to four hours PIA flight Pk-650 scheduled for Islamabad was delayed by more than four hours, and PIA flights on Lahore-Bahawalpur, Madina, Islamabad, Abu Dhabi, Manchester were also delayed.