Sargodha: Another scam of child abuse has surfaced in a private school in Sargodha, where the teachers allegedly assaulted the students after calling them on the pretext of holding special classes, during the summer vacations.

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Sources said, police have arrested 4 teachers allegedly involved in the incident of child abuse.

The police were informed about the immoral act by the parents of 7 children who were subjected to sexual assault by teachers, sources said.

Police claimed that the parents of seven children lodged their complaints, while four teachers were found involved in the inhuman and immoral act and raids were being conducted to arrest the head of the school.

A father of an abused student told sources on the condition of anonymity that the police have strictly forbidden them to disclose anything to media, otherwise stern action would be taken against them.

Abdul Hameed, who lives near the school, said contrary to the orders of the government the institution remained partially opened and neither the Education Department nor the district administration took the notice of the incident.

A policemen, on the condition of anonymity told Online that FIR has been registered on the complaints of parents of four children which has been sealed.