LAHORE: 22-year-old college girl found dead at a hotel located on Lahore's Mall Road, had apparently committed suicide as her fingerprints were found on the pistol used in the incident, a forensic report suggested on Friday.

Rabia Naseer left her home for college last Friday, but arrived at a hotel located on Mall Road.

CCTV footage showed the girl entering the hotel talking to someone on her mobile phone.

Earlier during the investigation, the incident was being probed as a murder case since there were two bullets found near the girl’s body which was found in the washroom of the hotel room.

However, tests on forensic samples collected from the crime scene confirmed that the pistol used during the horrible incident had Rabia’s fingerprints, indicating that the girl had shot herself.

During the investigation, it was revealed that a government official Amir Khattak had met Rabia on the day of the incident.

It was further revealed that Khattak had dropped Rabia on Jail road from where she took a rickshaw.