LAHORE - Pakistan’s first ever dance movie with directed by Omar Hassan is going to hit the cinemas across the Pakistan.

Ali Khan singer who has sung two songs titled Nach and Koi Aye Na talking to The Nation said, “I am very excited and hopeful that I have been associated with a project which produced Pakistan’s first dance movie. I am sure the film will be liked by the cinema goers because my songs will entertainment them too.”

Ali Khan who is all set to showcase his performance in Coke Studio Season 9 said that both is his songs were the proper dance number and people would enjoy listing them because these were unseen for Pakistani audience who has been listening only item numbers songs.

Film director Omer Hassan told The Nation that this film will be going to change the set precedent being followed with typical themed movies. He said that making dance number movies will be good contribution to the Pakistani film industry. The movie is released by Summit Entertainment, the entertainment-packed film is.

The film follows the struggles of dancers in Pakistan, the stigma associated with this field, the issues professionals face from home and outside, and the general lack of encouragement that they come across from all walks of life. The idea that dancing isn’t a lucrative profession fuels the general plotline here, which keeps a British-born girl as its protagonist who wants to establish her name as a successful dance professional. “The dance sequences in the trailer show finesse and technique; however, the few dialogues and scene that have been portrayed are very passionate, “Habib Mushtaq  from Summit Entertainment said . He said this is the first attempt at venturing into a new genre of film-making, perhaps audiences will be kinder in reviewing it and give it a thumbs-up for effort and originality.  The Dance Kahani is story of foreign returned girl who had an amazing experience with Karachi based dancing boys. The film highlighted the urban and modern lifestyle of the Pakistan. Also shed light on the struggle of youth want to peruse their careers in fields like dance and music.

Omar Hassan said that the idea behind making the film on dance when he was visited his friend’s studio Hassan Danish where youth from age 14 to 21 used to practice the dance with passion. “Believe you me no one could differentiate among them that who belongs to Saddar or you is from Defence,” he said.

“I want to prove and register a trend in the Pakistani film industry that there were plenty of other topic and themes too on which movies can be make, he said. Omar said Hollywood and Bollywood does not only make movies on social issues or negativity, they have been making films on which portrays positive images of their society.”

“I am sure that many film makers want to do movies on topics like this, all they need a push or a proper financial support from sponsors,” he said.