LAHORE PR - The purpose of imparting Chinese language to Pakistani youth is to make them confident while sharing their innovative ideas with their Chinese friends, said PCJCCI President Shah Faisal Afridi during a discussion held on Thursday with the students of Chinese language class.

The classes have been started under the auspices of PCJCCI.

In a motivational speech to the students, Afridi said that learning a new language was a big achievement and the youth should especially learn new languages so that entrepreneurial culture could be cultivated in Pakistan with the Chinese assistance rather than with the West’s support.

He asserted that Pakistani youth should realise that in the current economic scenario, the ultimate goal for them was to unleash their energies for nurturing entrepreneurial culture, especially when the Pakistani government is also facilitating such initiatives.

He said the country did not need more employees with similar expertise. “It needs innovative people, with fresh minds, who could satisfy the innovative market demands,” he noted.

Afridi further said that entrepreneurs could change the way we live and work. “If successful, their innovations will improve the standards of our living. They also create jobs, which leads to a prosperous society,” said Afridi.