Efforts to promote artificial fish breeding yielding results

LAHORE (APP): Efforts of the Punjab Fisheries Department to promote artificial fish breeding have emerged successful. Many hatcheries had been set up in the private sector under the guidance and services provided by the provincial fisheries department, a senior official of the department told APP here on Thursday. He said a big hatchery was also being set up for breeding of fish in salt waters of Muzafargarh. Development work on the biggest fish hatchery of South Asia in Rajanpur was also in progress, he said. He said these hatcheries would not only fulfil demand of fish seed but also create new job opportunities. With a view to save local fish varieties like Raho, Mori, Thela, Sole, Singhari and Mahasheer their seed was released in rivers, lakes and other waters. The hatcheries and nurseries of Fisheries Department had very important role in artificial breeding of seed of such fish varieties, he added.

The official said the programme of provision of information to farmers regarding the latest techniques of fish farming at their farms was continuing so that better production could be achieved through their proper feeding. He said to facilitate fish farmers, free services of analysis of water and soil in laboratories were also being provided to farmers while literature and technical advisory services were also being provided free to landowners for setting up of fish farms.

33 cargoes carrying103,864,259mmbtu LNG arrived in 12 months

ISLAMABAD (APP): As many as 33 cargoes carrying around 103,864,259 mmbtu Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) have arrived in Pakistan since July 2015, official sources in the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources said Thursday. "The LNG is being imported by the Pakistan State Oil under competitive bidding and through short and long term contracts, while more LNG terminals will be set to enhance Pakistan's LNG import capability," they told APP. They said the world was turning towards LNG. In 2015, the sources said, Pakistan signed a 15 years agreement with Qatar to import up to 3.75 million tonnes of LNG a year. The country's total gas production is around 4bcfd (billion cubic feet per day) against the demand of 8 bcfd, showing a demand-supply gap of four bcfd. Justifying the LNG import deal, they said in Pakistan natural gas accounts for 35 percent of all power generation, 23.8 percent of industrial use, 15.6 percent fertilizer, 5.4 percent CNG, and 18.1 percent of the household use.

They said that Pakistan's indigenous gas supply was expected to deplete to 1,500 MMSCFD in 2030 (from 4,000 MMSCFD today) and the demand supply gap is expected to reach 7,000 MMSCFD in the next 15 years as the existing gas reserves are depleting fast.

Vegetable ghee production increases 5.5pc

ISLAMABAD (APP): Domestic production of vegetable ghee and cooking oil witnessed 5.05 percent and 5.78 percent increase during eleven months of last financial year as compared to the production of corresponding period of last year. During the period from July-May (2015-16) about 1,134,290 tons of vegetable ghee was produced as compared to the production of 1,079,812 tons of same period of last financial year, according to data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics. Meanwhile, cooking oil production also increased by 5.78 percent as about 353,561 tones of cooking oil was produced during the period under review as compared to the production of 334,240 tones of same period of last year. During the period under review, local production of tea blended grew by 17.26 percent as it was recorded at 127,477 tones as against the production of 108,711 metric tons of eleven months of the year 2014-15. The production of soft drinks witnessed 4.46 percent growth in last eleven months as about 2,467,763 thousand liters were produced as compared to the 2,362,367 thousand liters.

In eleven months of last financial year, the local production of juices, syrups and squashes also grew by 2.72 percent and about 3303,233 thousand liters of the above mention commodities were produced as compared to the production of 295,194 thousand tons of same period of last financial year.

OPC roadshows successful

LAHORE (Staff Reporter): The Overseas Pakistanis Commission (OPC) Punjab has so far successfully held roadshows in different countries, including United Kingdom, Bahrain, Qatar, Dubai and Saudi Arabia to inform overseas Pakistanis about investment opportunities in Punjab. The shows also aimed at informing the overseas Pakistanis about the introduction of institutional redressal mechanism for resolving their problems at the earliest. According to the OPC Punjab spokesman, a large number of Pakistani expatriates have participated in these roadshows and praised the Punjab government for setting up OPC. “During these roadshows, OPC Vice Chairperson Shaheen Khalid Butt, Commissioner Afzaal Bhatti along with their team members briefed the overseas Pakistanis on how they could contact OPC for redressal of their complaints relating to the government agencies falling under the Punjab government,” he added. The spokesman further said that OPC was playing a proactive role in addressing the problems of Pakistani expatriates, adding that the OPC had also developed a modern IT-based system for the purpose.

"Through the system, complaints are referred to the departments concerned to process these accordingly," he informed, and added, “The OPC also monitors the process electronically.”