LAHORE: Former governor Punjab and Leader of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf Punjab Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar has said that "Save Corruption Program" of PML-N has been failed, adding that the ruling party can't blackmail PTI because Imran Khan is honest leader with capability to save nation from crisis.

In a press release, he said that their supporters are unhappy with performance. Stubbornness will behead their own feet. PML-N is not interested in solving TRO's issue and just elapsing the time which is against national interest.

Chaudhary Sarwar said on that there is chance for government to accept TRO's by leaving stubbornness otherwise ready to face agitation. 7th August will be beginning of accountability in Pakistan.

Their own people are not ready to support them in corruption which is reason for retreat of rulers on all avenues. PML-N must accept the TRO's otherwise PTI will not sit quiet until eradication of corruption in country. Free and fair accountability is not expected from PML-N.