ISLAMABAD: Albayrak & RWMC are continuously putting their efforts to maintain hygienic environment in Rawalpindi & Murree Cities. With increase in population, waste management in a densely populated area isn’t less than a challenge.

But, Albayrak & RWMC are doing their best in this regard. They have resolved many issues such as keeping the roads, streets and sewerage lines clean.

Achieving a waste free environment is not possible without the co-operation of general public, and for co-operation purposes, the Department of Public Relations make visits in areas that require attention.  An important discussion is held with the general public in which they are told how they can help us in maintaining environmental hygiene.

As a part of its cleanliness campaign, Albayrak’s Public Relation’s team visited Dhoke Hassu (North), UC-05 and met the public on their doors.

They were encouraged to co-operate with the company to achieve a clean city.

They were told that to dump their waste in the waste containers placed by the company or hand over the waste to the sanitary workers/mini-dumpers; use waste bag for dumping purpose; avoid throwing waste in naalas which causes water over flow in rainy season.

The team also distributed waste bags and awareness filled leaflets among the residents of the area.

The team informed about the company’s helpline number 1139 on which they can register their complaints and give suggestions from that we would make improvements in our services.–pr