LAHORE - People from different walks of life in general and motorists in particular in the provincial metropolis are these days being motivated to use fuel saving and environment-friendly equipment in their vehicles for more power and mileage. This small equipment, called Panther, is being displayed and leaflets containing useful information are being distributed by Lahore- and Islamabad-based Future Technologies through display stalls being held in Islamabad in different localities. This is being done as a public awareness campaign in order to contribute their share in pollution free atmosphere and provide them useful information regarding saving up to 25 per cent fuel consumption with better mileage through installation of this small environment friendly equipment in their vehicles. Display of the environment friendly and fuel saving equipment is in progress at the Toyota Ravi showroom, on the Multan Road, near Thokar Niaz Beg for the last few days, and the motorists visiting the stall are evincing keen interest in the equipment and acquiring more and more information by putting pertinent queries to the staff of the Future Technologies present there for this purpose. The display is scheduled to continue till December 10 and afterwards will be organized at some other venue after couple of weeks so that more and more people are provided with the useful information.and Chief Executive Officer Shoaib Ashfaq Qureshi told the visitors to the Panther Display Stall and the media people that the fuel saving and environment friendly equipment Panther has been developed and engineered in Japan, it utilizes the latest Micro-Energy Optimizing Technology, giving the vehicles more power with less fuel. He maintained that the equipment is fast gaining popularity among the motorists as it increases their vehicles mileage by about 25 per cent. It is being marketed by his concern for the first time in Pakistan which is facing fuel shortages for sometime. He said the equipment is proving very useful in saving fuel and giving more mileage particularly in our country which is facing petrol and CNG shortages. The company, encouraged by the positive response from the motorists, has recently set up its sales office in Islamabad after its main office was established in Lahore less than two years back in order to market innovative latest technology-based equipments and will soon be establishing another sales office in Karachi in order to cater to the demand from the motorists for the innovative equipment which increases torque, horsepower and engine response of their vehicles, he added.