Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday he was wrongfully named the owner of assets belonging to Hassan Nawaz by the joint investigation team (JIT).

He said this while recording his statements in the Flagship reference case at the accountability court today.

Accountability court judge Muhammad Arshad Malik conducted the hearing during which supreme leader of PML-N appeared before the court and recorded his statements.

Nawaz Sharif submitted the responses to 136 questions, while the answers of the remaining four questions will be submitted on Thursday.

“No charges have been proved, still will submit the documents to the court,” Nawaz stated that charges against him were politically motivated.

“My son Hasan Nawaz made the assets, and the JIT wrongly named me as the owner of the assets,” former premier claimed.

“Apart from Wajid Zia and investigation officer Kamran, no witnesses recorded statements against me. Both of them tried to frame me, both also stated that no such document was found which showed that my children were under my care,” he further added.

Nawaz told the court that his children used to buy flats and later sold them after decor. “They would also sell a company under the flat name.”

To this the judge remarked that “through Hussain Nawaz the money went to Hassan Nawaz, if Hussain had appeared, the matter would have been resolved. Even if the Qataris had appeared before the court matter could have been resolved.”