LAHORE - A delegation spearheaded by Kim Young June, the general manager of Korea Railway Network Authority, visited Pakistan Railway Headquarters.

A detailed briefing regarding Railway Operation & Infrastructure was given under the supervision of Aftab Akbar, Chief Executive Officer of Pakistan Railways. During the briefing, it was communication that there are 527 Railway Stations on the track stretching 11881 Km, whereas, there are only 468 engines for the entire system.

While discussing ML-1 Track stretching 1872 Km from Karachi to Hawelian, it was communicated that a final report shall be prepared in a short span of time and development work will commence in 2019, resulting in a speed jump from 120 to 160 Km/h & reduction in traveling time of 18 Hours to 10 Hours from Lahore to Karachi, whereas, it will take only 2 ½ Hours to reach Lahore from Islamabad.

A detailed briefing was given by Basharat Waheed, Chief Executive Survey & Construction, regarding ML-2 & ML-3, he told that Pakistan Railways is working on laying a new track on ML-2 from Quetta to Kotla Jam & Quetta to Gwadar in the near future.

Apart from this project, there are several other projects which would benefit from the induction of Korea Railway. Regarding close collaboration, Chief Executive Officer expressed that we can learn from Korean techniques, experience & modern rail setup in order to enhance our Signaling, Telecom, Track Machine Manufacturing Workshop & upgrade Dry Port. Korea also has significant opportunities regarding up gradation of Pakistan Railways.