Federal Minister for Railway Sheikh Rashid Ahmad on Wednesday has said that government is launching better projects for railway employees.

While talking to media here in Islamabad today, he told that health and education projects are also under consideration.

Talking about the performance of the railways he claimed that historic profit of Rs 97 million has been made in one day and now with the help of Allah we will add a profit of Rs 10 billion.

He said increased fares of the trains can be reviewed after 30 days. The reason behind the hike in the train fares is the increased imports value, minister added.

One more coach will be added in the green train line, he said.

He said Dosti trains have been started from Balochistan to Karachi and attempts will be made to lay a train track on Nullah Lai.

He said 10 trains were run without spending a single penny. We are setting up Wi-Fi on all railway stations.

Sheikh Rasheed said people showed their interest in the railway and CPEC success is also connected with the development of railways.

He claimed that the progress month for railways will be started from December. The increased fare of rails is limited to only 40 freight trains and we are going to launch freight trains from December 25.

He said Russians and Koreans were also showing their interest in the Pakistan Railways.

Commenting on the Asif Zardari's remarks about the government 100 days performance the minister said, dacoits, have caused harm to the country’s economy and Asif Ali Zardari has worn a turban as it seems he is going to jail.