LOS ANGELES-Margot Robbie once dumped an ex on Valentine’s Day.

The 28-year-old actress was playing a game of Loaded Questions - which sees each person answering an unknown question, and either revealing it to the audience or taking a shot - when she made the revelation.

As she played the game with ‘The Tonight Show’ host Jimmy Fallon, he said: ‘’You broke up with someone on Valentine’s Day? Oh my gosh!’’

Margot admitted ending their relationship on such a romantic occasion wasn’t the best timing.

She added: ‘’It was awful. I hope to God he’s not watching this.’’

Thankfully, the ‘Suicide Squad’ actress is now happily married to filmmaker Tom Ackerley, and she recently revealed while she finds life ‘’way more fun’’ since they tied the knot in 2016, she does feel added ‘’responsibility’’.

She said: ‘’Being married is actually the most fun ever, life just got way more fun... [But] I have a responsibility being someone’s wife, I want to be better.’’

Meanwhile, Margot previously admitted she hates to be alone with her thoughts and tries to do everything with her other half or her close friends.

She explained: ‘’I never do anything on my own. I don’t see the purpose of doing anything if I don’t do it with my friends. I go mental when I am on my own; my thoughts are so loud it drives me insane.’’

And it comes after the actress was fiercely independent as a child.

She added: ‘’We weren’t easy kids, we didn’t make it easy for Mum. When I was five I was watching my mum put spread on my sandwich for school and I was saying, ‘It’s not going to the edges’, and she was like, ‘If I am not doing it right, do it yourself.’ So I started making my own lunch from five years old. If I wanted something a certain way I just did it myself. Mum says it sums me up. I’m still trying to make it up to her.’’