LAHORE - PPP Punjab President Qamar Zaman Kaira has offered his party’s cooperation to the PTI government in legislation for reforms in the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed disappointment with the NAB although he had been a frontline supporter of this institution in the past, he added.

Now the Prime Minister has reservations with the prosecution system of the NAB and wants to rectify the same and the PPP also wants improvement in the Bureau for which it was ready to support the government if law for this purpose was introduced in the House, Kaira told a media conference here yesterday.

The PPP provincial President did not sound pleased with the Prime Minister statement on doing law making through Ordinances and favoured legislation through the Parliament, he added.

He said that Ordinances are introduced when the Assembly is not in session and some urgency involved in law making.

But the Ordinances are also ultimately put before the House and once they are disapproved by the Assembly, the same cannot be promulgated again, he added. On the early election indication by the Prime Minister while talking to media, Kaira said, the PPP is ready if snap polls are held.

Qamar Zaman Kaira found the PTI government repeatedly making mistakes and taking U turns and said that the Ministers are taking U-turns to cover up their adverse steps.

He advised the government to admit its mistakes instead of covering them up, if it has to go on.

He also advocated sustenance of 18th Constitutional amendment against voices to revisit it and this Amendment is keeping the Federation intact and strong.

He said that the PPP also wants the government should bring back the looted money from aboard but nothing has been done so far despite the PM claims that his government had detected $11billion of Pakistanis stashed in foreign banks.

He said that the government made tall claims but failed to realise any.

The PPP leader taking cue from the PM statement that the Army was standing behind decisions of his government and said that it was an alarming statement which suggested that the Army is not standing the manifestos of other political parties. He said that the PM statement wanted explanation.

He also opposed demolition of boundary wall of Governor House on the plea extended by the PM that it was symbol of colonial era slavery.

He said that this all is being done to divert public attention from the real issues.

He said that the dollar value is soaring against rupee but no attention is being paid to arrest the situation and the government is busy distributing chicken and eggs.

He also offered the government the PPP support on South Punjab province.