KASUR - The rampant sale of unhealthy substandard powered spices including red chilli powder, Turmeric and others has been causing various diseases and it seems the administration has turned a blind eye to the critical issue, which has been taking its toll on the public health.

According to the report of a survey, fake and unregistered small units have been running in residential areas, engage in grinding and packing spices like red chilli, turmeric and others of the sort. Firstly, these small units lack hygienic environment, prerequisite for the processing of such food items besides techniques and gadgets to preserve the level of essence such as vitamins and minerals while processing and packing spices.

According to laboratory sources, almost all fake and unregistered companies are mix chemicals to powered spices just to earn more and more money, compromising on the human health.

People of different areas, especially the residents of congested localities complained of different stomach and other diseases due to the use of substandard powered spices.

Civil society activists and social and political circles have expressed concern over the sale of unhealthy substandard spices power. They called into question efficiency of the administration, especially the food authority to check the sale, which has been causing various diseases.

They demanded the Deputy Commissioner, Lahore Division Commissioner and the Punjab Food Authority to check sale of the unhygienic spices.

They also demanded stern action against the mafia in illegal business.