Former interior minister Rehman Malik has said that the Indian government was violating the global treaties by not allowing the human rights bodies to access Indian Occupied Kashmir (IHK).

He called on the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) President Vojislav Šuc at the United Nations (UN) office on Wednesday. He apprised Šuc about the Indian brutalities against the innocent people of Kashmir. He told the UNHRC president that the Indian forces were committing unprecedented brutalities against the innocent Kashmiris in terms of mass murders, mass blinding, enforced disappearances, torture, rape, political repression and suppression of freedom of speech.

He further told the UNHRC president that it was the OHCHR’s responsibility to send its delegation to witness the Indian forces’ brutalities. Malik said that the Indian government, under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has increased the number of troops in Kashmir to the level of 700,000 plus. “These troops were sent to kill and inflict violence to peace-loving and armless Kashmiris, who were struggling for the right of self-determination as per the resolution of UN dated April 21, 1948,” he said, urging that it was time for the UN to get its resolution implemented.

Malik told the ambassador that Modi had crossed all limits of brutality and did not feel any guilt in ordering aggressive use of pellet guns against the peaceful protestors in IHK. He further said that the international community witnessed the worst form of aggression against civilians for first time, where pellet guns were being used for mass blinding.

The former interior minister told the head of UNHRC Vojislav Šuc that India was unleashing ethnic cleansing of the Muslim majority in Kashmir; by murdering and settling the RSS trained families in Kashmir to reduce Muslims as a minority there.

Senator Rehman Malik urged the council’s head to take serious notice of murdering, blinding, raping and other brutalities by Indian forces in Kashmir and take strict action against it. He asked him to urgently appoint a high powered commission to investigate the unprecedented human rights violations by Indian forces in Kashmir.