ISLAMABAD-The Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad has increased its charges for the use of open space, installation of telecom towers and for cable networks while the rent for stalls in weekly bazaars are also increased.

The MCI session was held at Pakistan China Friendship Centre Islamabad on Wednesday, which was presided over by the Mayor of Islamabad Shaikh Anser Aziz.

A summary to increase different charges was presented by the Director DMA, which was approved by the house unanimously. The charges for the installation of telecom tower on CDA land were increased from Rs150,000 to Rs400,00 while the charges for installation on private land were increased from Rs50,000 to Rs150,000.

The monthly rental charges for the use of open space are also increased from Rs143 per square feet to Rs500 in blue area and F series, Rs400 in G and I series and Rs300 in rest of the area under the jurisdiction of Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad.

The rates for stalls in weekly bazaars were also revised and now the small stall holder will have to pay Rs500 instead of old Rs120 and the large stallholder will have to pay Rs1,000 instead of Rs240.

The members of the local government have levelled the allegations of corruption over the Director DMA Zafer Iqbal and criticised over his poor performance. They said that he is involved in the corruption of millions of rupees. They demanded Mayor of Islamabad Shaikh Anser Aziz to replace him.

They alleged that he is doing under the table settlements with private parties for outdoor advertisements, which is evident from the continuous decrease in the revenue.

Meanwhile, the members of the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad also blamed Chairman Capital Development Authority Amir Ali Ahmed for interfering into the affairs of the corporation.

The local government representatives criticised the Chairman CDA for his direct involvement into the affairs of the MCI and blamed that the Chairman CDA is using his influence in the departments that are already devolved to the MCI.

Members urged Mayor of Islamabad Shaikh Anser Aziz to stop the interference of Chairman CDA in MCI immediately and assured their full support in this regard. They were of the view that when the devolution process between CDA and MCI has already been completed then why the Chairman is using his influence into the affairs of road, sanitation and environment affairs.

In his concluding remarks, the Mayor Islamabad Shaikh Anser Aziz has said that we are trying to serve the citizen of Islamabad with our limited resources. He said the issues are being settled and things will be improved on MCI’s part.