KARACHI      -     Authorities have begun probe into the discovery of human bones from Annu Bhai Park in Nazimabad area of the city.  “A pathology test will be conducted to ascertain for what purpose the parts of bodies were cut,” said the police authorities informing that the parts included hand and legs of the bodies.  The bones were recovered on Wednesday during an excavation process for construction of a building near Annu Bhai Park in Nazimabad no 3 area of the city.  Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Arif Saleem Rao confirmed the bones were recovered during an excavation being carried out for development purposes. He said initial investigations suggested the bones were medical wastage and had been buried many years ago. “Human bones are separated from bodies during surgeries and operations from different parts of sugar patients,” SSP Rao added. Police said the contractor involved in the construction work informed them about the discovery. SSP Rao further said no human skeleton had been found, but they did recover human bones of different sizes from different parts of the park wrapped in rolls of clothes. However, an administrator of a nearby private hospital denied that the parts were buried by them after performing operations.  “We do not bury bones like this. We do not cut off body parts daily, it only happens sometimes,” he said. “The cut-off limbs are given to the family of the patients, who then bury them.” “If nobody collects them, the hospital staff buries them in a graveyard,” he added.